Revision of Designations of Telephone Operators: Railway Board Order RBE No. 87/2021

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Revision of Designations of Telephone Operators: Railway Board Order RBE No. 87/2021


RBE 87/2021


New Delhi, 26.11.2021

The General Managers,
All Indian Railways/Pus etc.
(As per Standard Mailing List)

Sub.: Revision of Designations of Telephone Operators.

Conventional duties of Telephone Operators involve conducting of conference calls, connecting calls to various officials as desired besides other official work. With the advancement in technology, the number of conference calls, calling through operators, etc. has been reduced considerably. As such, the Telephone Operators have taken up various new roles in the Telecom Department after being imparted new skills and on the job training for conducting Video Conferencing. These modes of Conferences have now become the norm and the Telephone Operators ensure disruption free functioning of these important services.

2. In view of the above, it has been decided by the Railway Board that conducting of VCs may be included in the duties of telephone operators and they may be re-designated as Telephone cum VC Operators in Railway Board as well as in Indian Railways. There would, however, be no change in the present pay levels of the Telephone Operators to be re-designated.

3. The revised designations may be implemented as follows:

Sl.NoPresent Desig.GP and LevelRe-designated as
1Telephone OperatorRs.1,900 PB-1, L-2Telephone-Cum-VC Operator
2Senior Telephone OperatorRs.2,400, PB-1, L-4Senior Telephone-Cum-VC Operator
3Chief Telephone OperatorRs.4,200, PB-2, L-6Chief Telephone-Cum-VC Operator
4Superintendent Telephone OperatorRss.4,600, PB-2, L-7superintendent Telephone-Cum-VC Operator

4. This issues in consultation with the Establishment Dte.

Railway Board

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